Snooty Fox Cafe (Laguna Hills, CA)

Quick take

Delicious! One of the best rolls I’ve had.


Whenever a cinnamon roll appears at a diner, I’m on guard, because all too often those rolls are made far in advance by somebody short on skill and then abused before their appearance on a plate. Not so with the Snooty Fox. I don’t know who is back in the kitchen creating this magic, but they’re doing fine work.

Cinnamon roll from the Snooty Fox Cafe in Orange County, California

Cinnamon roll from the Snooty Fox Cafe in Orange County, California

Presentation is everything, and this roll is served warm with melted frosting poured over it.

The bread is soft and moist without being underdone. The inter-swirl filling is nicely balanced for sweetness and cinnamon-spice without being cloying or gritty. The frosting is excellent, a faintly vanilla buttercream with a hint of cream cheese for good measure.

At no time were there even whiffs of anything artificial or off-putting in the flavors or smells. As far as I could tell, the butter, cinnamon, vanilla, and so on were all the genuine article.

Overall, excellent: 9.5/10

Where to get it

Snooty Fox Cafe

23028 Lake Forest Dr.

Laguna Hills, CA

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  1. Hello, fellow cinnamon roll enthusiast. Is this your most recommended one in the lake forest/laguna hills area? It looks great in the picture but I was also thinking about Bru Grill, and Scratch Bakery from a cursory internet search. I’m looking to plan a bike ride in that area and would like to try something.

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