Pine Valley Lodge, Bakery, and Creperie cinnamon roll

Quick review:

Excellent take on the croissant style of cinnamon roll.  Nice flaky bread, nice flavor, great icing.  Highly recommended, probably the best of this style. 10/10

Pine Valley Lodge, Bakery, and Creperie cinnamon roll

(A slightly longer review of this roll is over on my trip blog)

Where to get it:

Pine Valley Lodge, Bakery, and Creperie

Km 1783 on the Alaska Highway

Beaver Creek, YT

50 Responses to Pine Valley Lodge, Bakery, and Creperie cinnamon roll

  1. I love cinnamon rolls! I just want to say your blog has taught me allot. I try to visit every week to see new updates you might have. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. YUM! Heading to Alaska next month and Pine Valley Lodge is one of our stops. I look forward to it! Thanks for the review.

  3. i stopped there overnight is these lovely cabins! the food was great and delicious and fresh! what a refreshing stop along the alaska highway….lokking forward to stop again in summer 2014.

  4. I’m trying to find a phone number or website for the Bakery and Creperie on the Alaska Hwy. We stopped there and enjoyed some of the delicious baked goods earlier in May on our way north on the Alaska Highway, but we didn’t ask about staying at their cabins. We’d like more lodging info and we aren’t finding information on the internet to contact them. Do you happen to have this information? On our way back south, we will definitely stop and try their crepes. My husband had one of their cinnamon rolls and thoroughly enjoyed it. The couple who own the business were so sweet and we enjoyed visiting with them.

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