King Soopers (Greenwood Village, CO)

Quick take

Amazing value for money.


I know what you’re thinking: grocery store cinnamon rolls? How could those possibly be any good? Well, stop looking down your nose and open your mouth for a bite, because these are actually pretty decent. When you factor in their sub-$1 price, they turn out to represent a value that’s difficult to beat.

Cinnamon roll from King Soopers in Denver, CO

Cinnamon roll from King Soopers in Greenwood Village, CO

Bread is properly baked. Not dry, and not doughy. Tender.

Swirls are nicely balanced with the rest of the roll.

Frosting is a proper cream-cheese buttercream. Nice flavor. No weird aftertastes.

A short review for a strong effort. No idea how consistent these rolls are from location to location (King Soopers is a chain), but if you’re near the Greenwood Village location south of Denver, it’s worth giving one a try. 8/10

Where to get it

King Soopers

4910 S Yosemite St

Greenwood Village, CO

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