Byerly’s Bakery Cinnamon Roll with Icing

The short:

Good frosting, a bit dry overall.  Worth trying. 6/10

The long:

Byerly’s is an upscale supermarket chain in the Twin Cities area, and they are a great place to find all sorts of tasty and obscure things.  For example, if you’re ever in near Minneapolis and think, “Wow, I could really go for some Daisy brand cottage cheese right now,” — which you would be if you’ve ever compared Daisy to the other brands on the market — you’d probably have to go to Byerly’s to get it.

Of course, they sell a lot more than just great cottage cheese.  They also sell cinnamon rolls!  Hooray!

Cinnamon roll from the Byerly's bakery

Cinnamon roll from the Byerly's bakery

I left the office a bit early today and stopped by the Byerly’s in Golden Valley.  Conveniently, that store has a built-in Caribou Coffee, so I was able to get caffeinated and add to my midsection all in one go.  I’m a sucker for convenience.

As you can see from the photos, the frosting got a bit disheveled during its ride from the store to my home.  No matter; it went into my mouth all the same.

It was a relatively soft roll, if disappointingly dry.  Tight crumb, moderately tough. Nice golden color. Subdued cinnamon flavor.  The roll itself wasn’t particularly sweet, but the frosting balanced that nicely.

Cinnamon roll from the Byerly's bakery, with bite

Cinnamon roll from the Byerly's bakery, with bite

The frosting had good structure with a nice cream cheese taste.  Ingredients were not checked, but it seemed to have a real cream cheese base.  A reasonable amount was applied to the roll. No chemical aftertastes were noted.

Overall, a decent cinnamon roll experience, far better than cinnamon-rolls-in-a-tube.  High marks for value, too, given the low price ($1.69).  Worth trying if you happen to be in the store, but not something I’d drive out of my way for.

Key stats:

  • $1.69 + tax
  • 150 g weight
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Time since baked when eaten: half a day(?)
  • Temperature of roll when eaten: ambient

Where to get it:

Any Byerly’s or Lunds (no apostrophe) store near Minneapolis or St. Paul.  This particular roll came from the Byerly’s at Duluth Street and Highway 100 in Golden Valley.



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