Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

The short:

Yuck.  Why did I buy these? 0/10

The long:

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from a tube promise warm, sticky goodness on nearly a moment’s notice.  Good idea, bad execution.

Pillsbury roll

Pillsbury cinnamon roll. How do they make the icing so white?!

Let’s start with the size.  These things — I hesitate to call them “rolls” — are about 30% the mass of yesterday’s Byerly’s rolls.  Three or four bites, and they’re gone.  Let me put it a different way: these rolls are so small that they have roughly the same mass as a slice of sandwich bread.

And are those tasty bites?  Heck no!

The texture is unappealingly homogeneous.  I’m not sure what sort of trickery Pillsbury employed to make these things rise while they’re baking, but the chemistry seems to have contributed to them coming out as one big lump instead of a multi-layered delight.  You know how much fun it is to unroll each layer of a cinnamon roll and enjoy its segmented goodness?  Can’t do that with these.

Pillsbury roll with bite

A Pillsbury roll with a bite. Note the lack of layers/spirals

Things really go downhill once you get a tiny piece in your mouth.  The taste is like… something… hmmm… a chemical factory?  It’s bad.

Very little cinnamon flavor.  Horrendous artificial “cream cheese” icing — no actual cream cheese, just partially hydrogenated oils and god-knows-what chemicals.  Seriously, that icing is really, really awful.  It’s about as close to real cream cheese frosting in flavor as watermelon Jolly Ranchers are to real watermelons.

You might think you’ll be saved if you stop after that first bite, but how wrong you’ll be: that fake-as-a-politician taste will linger longer than your unemployed college buddy surfing your couch.

Fortunately, I had a roommate to pawn these off on, thus saving my palate from chemical doom.  (Thanks for taking one for the team, Rob!)

Key stats:

  • 40 g/roll
  • $2.69/8 = $0.34/roll + tax
  • “Cream cheese” frosting (artificially flavored)
  • Time since baked when eaten: fresh from oven
  • Temperature when eaten: warm

Where to get them:

Don’t.  Ok, you really want some?  Why?  And are you seriously asking me where to buy refrigerated ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls in a tube?  Sheesh.

36 Responses to Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

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  2. Hello

    I can’t quite believe my eyes. Your comments are truly offensive and just plain WRONG. Clearly you have broken taste buds, either that, or, these were introduced to you by an ex-girlfriend, and as you are in such pain over the break up, have decided to take it out on a beautiful, tasty, mouth-watering, easy on the eye, glossy, dream-fulfilling, snack product instead of your ex.
    These goodies are possibly the only reason I am still alive. Having difficulties in my marriage, i turned to pillsbury for comfort. Not only have I made a real connection to the pillsbury doughboy, but have also developed a strong relationship with these cinnamon rolls.
    If they are so truly awful then why picture them in such a good light? They just look divine! In fact your article has only made me want to go straight out and buy some more. Which is what i am going to do now.

    Good day to you, my poor taste in snack products friend.

    • How much paint do u sniff ?ur the spitting image of Pillsbury

    • Huh? These things aren’t cinnamon rolls, they are cinnamon biscuits, and they don’t have anything near the texture and taste of a cinnamon roll, especially not one from cinnabon. You might as well take one of their canned biscuits and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on it, that is about the equivalent of these things.

      • Exactly!! I can’t believe Pillsbury would put their name on this without also changing the name to “stamped” cinnamon biscuit! Glad I am not the only one upset by this crap!!

    • PillsburyKilledMyMemories

      Ha! Kudos to Pillsbury for having sharp marketing people ready to respond instantly to any bad reviews or comments This is so obviously a corporate response. Nobody loves these rolls anymore and this person gushes love for them. Fake comment.

      I used to love this product and had fond memories of my dad baking them for us on Sunday mornings (sometimes even the kind with orange icing.) Well that product is gone – replaced by these poor facsimiles. Pillsbury decided it would be more profitable to spend money on the cinnabon name than putting the money into the product.

      I bought 2 cans to revisit old memories and was so disappointed. Flavor is gone, they aren’t rolled, they no longer rise like the old version, the texture is crappie and why are there little cinnamon colored bits throughout? Yuck.

      Pillsbury you’ve made it impossible to relive those moments with Dad. Jerks. Tossed the other roll in the trash and may never buy pillsbury rolls again.

    • Great comment! My daughter and I were just talking about how good these are! I like them better than I did Cinnabon! And they are small so I don’t feel as guilty! I don’t think Jeff knows what he’s talking about!

  3. I love these much more than the big ostentatious ones sold everywhere else. They are perfect and I hope the company never changes a thing in their recipe.
    Just sayin’ I think they’re pretty damn good.

    • That’s why they cut so many corners and give you people these canned biscuits with cinnamon paste spread over it. This is nothing even remotely close to a cinnamon roll.

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  5. Hmmm I was looking for ideas to get creative and make them bigger and better. I don’t feel like going out and I want to use what I’ve got at home… Any ideas???

  6. These are the only true cinnamon rolls in existence. I disagree with everything said in this review. If you can unroll a cinnamon roll, you bought the wrong ones.

    • What? You clearly have no idea what a cinnamon ROLL is you moron. You are eating a biscuit with cinnamon paste spread over it. If you like that then ok, but don’t discredit actual cinnamon rolls with your ignorance.

      • I hear you, Joe. I am definitely buying the store brand instead. They are still in a roll with cinnamon, sugar, butter goodness inside. And yes, the Pillsbury “roll” tastes nasty.

  7. I can’t believe I keep fooling myself after all these years I still think they are going to improve the recipe and no they have not. These are the worst rolls, no texture, no flavor except for the sugar on top which is not that great. Some of Pillsbury’s rolls are great. I should just probably put bisqits from them and put cinnamon on them. They would be better and less expensive. I am thinking of suing them for false advertising. These are really bad and they have never been good.


  8. I can’t believe I keep fooling myself after all these years I still think they are going to improve the recipe and no they have not. These are the worst rolls, no texture, no flavor except for the sugar on top which is not that great. Some of Pillsbury’s rolls are great. I should just probably put bisqits from them and put cinnamon on them. They would be better and less expensive. I am thinking of suing them for false advertising. These are really bad and they have never been good.

    • I totally agree with you! I decided to try this since they were on sale & they didn’t really taste like much…very disappointing. I would be embarrassed to serve these to anyone! My husband also said they sucked! I will stick to my fabulous cinnamon bun cake recipe!

  9. I used to enjoy the cinnamon rolls occasionally. Since they changed to cinnabon icing they aren’t as good. They couldn’t have done a public taste test before switching.

  10. I’m REALLY hoping those people above me touting the goodness of these rolls are joking. These are terrible. We refer to them as cinnamon biscuits, because all they really consist of is a canned biscuit with a few cinnamon chips on top. There isn’t a cinnamon roll to it at all. I want to say that these used to be actual cinnamon rolls and at some point they changed them. I can’t really say though because we always buy the Kroger brand; theirs is an actual cinnamon roll and the flavor is much improved. But yeah people, to reflect the poster, do not buy these.

  11. These are the worst! I don’t know who decided to change the recipe, but they should be FIRED!

    I have stopped buying them ever again unless they go back to the way they were before.

  12. It has been many years since I consumed this product, which did not meet my expectations. Either my taste perception or the recipe has changed; probably a little bit of both. I cheated and put a schmer of packaged cream cheese on the hot biscuit right out of the oven. The less icing I used the better, since it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. I accidentally overcooked them so the tops, sides and bottoms were crunchy which added a texture I really enjoyed. This product rates a 5/10 IMO. It may be just as many years before I feel the need to try it again; that is, if I live that long.

  13. These things are terrible, not only are they unsatisfying, but the stated time for cooking is never right, I can put it on the lowest possible setting, and every time they burn. They aren’t worth the hassle or the money.

  14. Oh, dear…I too slipped and bought the ones with the Cinnabon icing. I think I tried once some time ago and felt the same, but this time I was fooling myself into thinking maybe they had improved since. I recall years before their rolls actually resembled a real cinnamon roll, swirled, rising up with flavor and were edible. These are more like a hockey puck with no texture or flavor. I am disgusted and they are going in the trash. As one mentioned, a store brand is actually better, though not perfect. I am surprised at this company.. but come to think of it, I believe I had consciously stopped getting cake mix from them some time ago, so I should know better.

    Once, when having some regular rolls from a tube, I noticed the texture was nice and flaky, and reminded me of a cinnamon roll texture. I got the idea to get them again, separate the sections, sprinkling a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and butter and rolling them up. They actually came out “more real” than those above, making a frosting from butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar. I just don’t recall which rolls I used to do that, maybe ones with triangular sections, since they need to be rolled.

    When I was a child, my grandmother would come stay with us and make homemade cinnamon rolls (and doughnuts) which is work, but they were something other than these, altogether.

    Good luck appeasing your cinnamon roll cravings!

  15. I haven’t bought CR in years and was very disappointed when I bought these and they turned out to be Cinnamon biscuits!! They have used some kind of punch out to put the marks on the biscuit to make it look like a CR! These cannot be called CR they are not rolled!! The picture on the outside clearly shows a CR! This is false advertising! When did this change? Or have they always been like this? I usually buy the Grands ones and I know they are CR or at least they used to be. Are they still? If you can’t unroll it as you eat it, it is not a CR!!

    • Jacqueline N Nash

      You took the words “cinnamon biscuit” right out of my mouth. Last time I checked a cinnamon roll is an actual rolled flat piece of dough with a cinnamon spiral. Not a round cookie cutter punched out piece of dough with cinnamon accents

  16. Omg this review is so accurate and said everything I want to say.

    I made a mistake and bought a tube of these because I had cravings for something sweet.

    They all went to the garbage

  17. Like, most commenters here, we found these to be more like cinnamon biscuits. Picture on package shows a classic spiral layered cinnamon roll, but that is NOT what is inside the package. There is cinnamon, and dough, and icing, but that picture on the package is tantamount to fraudulent advertising. 0/10 rating here.

  18. Charles Rickard

    I agree with James r lee. I was disappointed when I opened the can. I should have bought a can of biscuits and put cinnamon and icing on them. I don’t think I will be purchasing your product again.

  19. I purchased this product and thought something got mixed up in the factory because the actual product looked very different from the package. As everyone here noticed, it’s not rolled. So I called Pillsbury customer service and they were aware of this. She told me that’s the right product and these rolls are actually more like a biscuit with a cinnamon imprint on top. And I agree with her since that’s exactly what I thought.

  20. I grew up with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, so I loved them, until about a year ago. I actually hadn’t had them in several years, but bought them for a treat. It was a shock that any company would take such a cost-cutting measure yet still try to pass them off as the same product. They used to be good, rolled dough with cinnamon. Now they’re biscuits with a coil shape ‘printed’ on the top of the biscuit. If it was sold as cinnamon biscuits, maybe, but they are not rolls. They don’t look like the photo, or their own traditional product. Disgusted. Will never buy them again. Fortunately, I’ve found that Aldi’s “Bake House Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls” are every bit as good as the Pillsbury ever were – maybe better. They’re in a tube, and may be made by Pillsbury or a similar manufacturer. They’re coiled, the cinnamon is delicious, the frosting is good and plentiful (although not cream cheese – I don’t like cream cheese). They are doughy in the center, so you have to bake them a little longer than the instructons call for, but I don’t mind that. If you’re near an Aldi’s, I’d highly recommend trying them.

  21. I can still taste the chemicals in my mouth while writing this.

    DO NOT BUY!!!

    You will throw them straight to the trash as I did after trying one bite.

    I think that cinnabon leased their name to it so that people would throw up
    and run to the mall and pay $4 for one roll.
    Pillsbury baaaad, Cinnabon Goooood……Just my opinion.

  22. I don’t know what you have done to Grands I always loved them now they are terrible . You need go back the old Grand if you want me to buy again.

  23. What I really can’t figure out is why the Cinnabon company lets them use their name with these canned BISCUITS they call rolls. They even have a picture of a cinnamon roll on the package, only to find out the inside of the can is full of canned biscuits with cinnamon paste spread over it.

  24. I bought 4 pack of these from Sams club about a month ago and they were rolled just like the picture. I thought they were great. I bought the same product from Sams club recently and they were the biscuit style with cinnamon squares on top. LOUSY! Something has changed in the manufacturing. At first I thought I had a defective batch. After reading all these reviews, I don’t. I will not but them again. I will get the Aldi rolls that were recommended in another review.

  25. These are nothing but canned biscuits!
    Not even remotely similar to what they used to be.
    Do not buy!

  26. FYI. There are two products from Pillsbury that are marketed as “cinnamon rolls”. The product that we would closely associate with the gooey, layered, and flakey cinnamon roll would be the Pillsbury Grands! Cinnamon rolls. The other, Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls is the equivalent of a cinnamon biscuit with icing.

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