French Meadow Bakery cinnamon roll

The short:

Yum! Unfortunately, a bit stale by the time it was sold to me. Overall good, especially because of the frosting. 7/10

The long:

The French Meadow Bakery bills their cinnamon rolls as “giant,” and they aren’t kidding: one of these monsters fills an entire plate and weighs in at close to a pound.  And boy oh boy, is it good.

French Meadow Bakery cinnamon roll

French Meadow Bakery cinnamon roll

The texture of the bread is soft and tender.  It yields to a fork quite nicely, and you’ll want to use one: cramming one of these rolls in your mouth is a recipe for both a sore jaw and a frosted nose.

Oh, the frosting.  Wonderful.  A nice cream cheese base, heavy on the butter.  Sweet, but not too sweet.  Lots of structure.  It’s even strong enough to hold up a fork!

Frosting so dense, it will hold up a fork

Frosting so dense, it will hold up a fork

The downsides to this otherwise excellent example of a cinnamon roll are that they start going stale by mid-afternoon, and they are ungodly unhealthy.  I’m not sure about the exact calorie count, but a rough estimate puts it somewhere around 2000 calories per roll.

Enjoy the roll, then go for a run.  A long, long run.

Key stats:

  • $3.95 + tax
  • 440 g mass (almost a pound!)
  • Cream cheese frosting (very good)
  • Time since baked when eaten: most of the day(?)
  • Temperature when eaten: ambient

Where to get it:

The French Meadow Bakery Cafe

2610 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN

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