Isles Bun Cinnamon Roll

The Short:

Now that’s a cinnamon roll. The new standard.  Highly recommended. 10/10

The long:

With a name like Isles Bun and Coffee, you wouldn’t expect to find a good burger.  You’d expect to find buns and coffee.  Duh.  Fortunately, that’s exactly what’s there: decent coffee and the most amazing cinnamon rolls I’ve ever tasted.

Isles Bun Cinnamon Roll

Isles Bun Cinnamon Roll. Delicious.

Isles Bun and Coffee is a small shop in the Uptown district of Minneapolis.  When you walk in, you instantly feel the focus of the owners: cinnamon rolls and caramel rolls.   Sure, they sell a few other treats too, like cookies, but the rolls rule the show.

You get your monstrous slab of a roll on a paper plate.  It’s served warm, and it comes with as much or as little cream cheese frosting as you desire.

My roll had the perfect balance of sweetness, butter, and cinnamon.  All of the ingredients worked in harmony for a splendid experience.  And the bread?  Not overdone; not underdone; just right.

While there are a few tables inside, the better place to enjoy your wheat-and-butter prize is at one of the outdoor tables on a nice day.  Preferably after a long run, because damned if these aren’t unhealthy.

Yes, ooey gooey delicious  cinnamon sin.

The roll was excellent.  In fact, it was so good that I went back and bumped down the ratings of all of the previously reviewed buns.  Sorry about the lack of consistency, but the Isles Bun entry merited far more space at the top end of the scale.  Even now, it could be worthy of an 11/10.

Update 23 May 2011:

I went back for another taste and got a better photo of the roll.  Enjoy!

A better photo of the delicious Isles Bun cinnamon roll

Key stats:

  • $3.50 + tax per roll
  • Size: Ginormous. 450 g +
  • Icing: Excellent cream cheese icing.  As much as you want.
  • Temperature when eaten: Warm from oven
  • Time since baked: Less than an hour?
  • Best cinnamon roll in the Twin Cities (for now)

Where to get it:

Isles Bun and Coffee

1424 west 28th Street, Minneapolis, MN

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