Whole Foods Cinnamon Roll

The short:

Great bread, excellent flavor.  A little short on frosting. 8/10

The long:

Three things struck me when I first saw the Whole Foods take on a cinnamon roll:

  1. It’s huge
  2. The criss-crossed icing is elegant
  3. It’s surprisingly inexpensive

Thankfully, the taste lives up to the looks, too.

Whole Foods cinnamon roll

Whole Foods cinnamon roll

Nice bread.  Not too dry, not too moist.  Wonderful crust.  Easily separable spirals.  Great “furry” cinnamon/sugar layer between spirals.

Note the beautiful icing work

Note the beautiful crossed icing on the Whole Foods cinnamon roll

Could have used just a bit more frosting, though I’ll concede that additional frosting might upset the wonderful balance of sweet and hearty already present.

Key stats:

  • Big!
  • Lightly iced, but in a beautiful criss-cross pattern
  • $1.99 + tax per roll (surprisingly inexpensive for “Whole Paycheck”!)

Where to get it:

Whole Foods

3060 Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN

(I must admit that I am unsure how consistent the Whole Foods cinnamon rolls are from store to store.  If the stores in different areas offer rolls other than the one I’ve described here, please leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks!)

49 Responses to Whole Foods Cinnamon Roll

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  2. i just ran across your article trying to find out where i might be able to purchase whole foods’ cinnamon rolls. to answer your question: yes! they do vary from store to store. mine here in birmingham, al have about 50x the frosting, and are just as big! they are freaking awesome! i asked one of the employees, and he told me that they don’t make them there, they only cook them there.

  3. Any idea how many calories in these pups?

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