Echo Lake Lodge (Idaho Springs, CO)


Nestled at the foot of Mt. Evans, location of the highest paved road in North America, there is a a log-construction building surrounded by natural beauty. Pine trees in the adjacent wilderness make the air sweet, and the 10,600 ft elevation and nearby lake ensure that the breeze stays cool  even in the brilliant sun. The Echo Lake Lodge acts as meeting point, gift shop, and restaurant for cyclists and drivers heading up Mt. Evans or exploring the woods. And they sell cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon roll from Echo Lake Lodge near Mt. Evans in Colorado

My roll came out of the oven only two hours before I sampled it. The flavor of the roll was well-balanced. Not too sweet, not too cinnamon-y. The bread had hints of milk and yeast, also quite pleasant. The icing tasted quite natural and neutral with perhaps a hint of buttercream and vanilla; I’d be shocked if it was anything except homemade.

Unfortunately, the roll was somewhat under-baked. Where it was properly done, it was excellent, but there were many spots in the interior that were only raw, chewy dough.

The underbaked spots took away from the roll so much that I have to rate it 6/10. If the roll had been fully baked, it would have easily been a 9/10.

Where to get it:

Echo Lake Lodge

13264 Chicago Creek Rd

Idaho Springs, CO

Price paid:


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  1. Come on man! No new posts in over a month? You’re killing me here!

  2. Wtf Jeff? How can you go so long without eating a delicious cinnamon roll and updating all your followers on it?

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