Detour Bakery (Denver, CO)

Quick take:

Wow, this is the one.


I’ve eaten a lot of cinnamon rolls from a lot of bakeries, and most are simply average. Not this one. This one is different. This one is something special.

The cinnamon roll from Detour Bakery brings together excellence in bread, inter-swirl filling, and frosting.

The frosted cinnamon roll from Detour Bakery in Denver, Colorado.

The bread was perfectly done throughout. There were no under-baked spots, the crust was golden and tender, and the flavor and texture were like a nice white dinner roll. It was moist and yeasty (a good thing!) while still being fluffy.

The inter-swirl filling is where a lot of rolls fall off the rails, but not this one. The cinnamon and sweetness were well-balanced, and the filling was neither too dry nor overly moist. so the cinnamon stuck to the bread without turning the bread gooey.

Up on top was a dollop of frosting. Nice texture, no strange after-tastes, and complementary to the flavor of the bread and cinnamon. On the spectrum of frosting flavors, I thought it fell more towards buttercream than cream-cheese.

Overall, a very well executed cinnamon roll.

This might be my new favorite. At the very least, it’s much more accessible than my previous favorite up on the Alaska Highway in British Columbia. It’s worth a detour.

An easy 10/10

Where to get it:

Detour Bakery

1479 S Holly St

Denver, CO

Price paid:


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