Yeah, but do they taste good?

If you like cinnamon rolls as much as I do, then you’ve probably seen some enormous variations on that sugary, buttery, bread-y delight.  I know I have: rolls the size of dinner plates, rolls fit to make several meals all on their own, and rolls so sweet that I can feel my pancreas cursing my taste buds.

You know what? Those were all tiny.  Check out these monster cinnamon buns.

Look at the size of those cinnamon buns!

Clearly, they were HUGE. I hope the flavor was as large.

Check out the preparation photo sequence for added cinnamony goodness.

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Whole Foods Denver cinnamon roll

Quick review:

I have discovered that the cinnamon rolls vary from Whole Foods to Whole Foods.  I suppose that isn’t surprising, given that they bake them on site, but still, it was a matter of changing an assumption.   The one today comes from a Whole Foods in Denver; compare it to the Whole Foods roll I reviewed from Minnesota and you’ll see quite a bit of difference.

Cinnamon bun from Whole Foods in Denver on Hampden Avenue

This is a very large bun.  The bread is sweet with a nice texture: soft with a relatively open crumb.  Similar to the innards of a properly baked yeast-leavened doughnut.  I would have preferred cream cheese frosting, but the icing that is pleasant is well-executed and does not overwhelm the rest of the roll.

Overall, a good cinnamon bun.  8/10

Where to get it:

Whole Foods
7400 E. Hampden Ave, Unit D
Denver, CO 80231


Price paid:


Paradise Bakery cinnamon roll

Quick review:

Although the look of the roll says “flakey” (like a croissant), the bread actually has the consistency of a dinner roll.  Light frosting works well with the cinnamon and sugar between the spirals.  A decent roll. 7/10

Paradise Bakery cinnamon roll

Where to get it:

Paradise Bakery

Regional chain in the southwestern US.