Suggestions for reviews

Do you know of a good cinnamon roll that I should review?  Maybe one from a national chain?  Perhaps another ready-to-bake option?

Better still would be suggestions for independent shops in the USA and Canada.  I’ll be traveling around North America next summer for other reasons, and I’d love to hear about places along the way that have excellent cinnamon rolls.

Add a comment if you have a suggestion for a roll!

2 Responses to Suggestions for reviews

  1. When you’re in Albuquerque, make sure you grab a meal at The Frontier and be sure to order one of their famous sweet rolls. I don’t know if it strictly qualifies as a cinnamon roll, but it is very good.

    I also recommend the breakfast burrito, smothered with salsa from the big black pots near the pickup counter, an extra side of hash browns, and their fresh OJ.

    And don’t worry about making it for breakfast, they serve all of that 24 hours.

  2. paneras cinnamon rolls!

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